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SAMCO is a leading motion control solutions provider in China, our personalized and customized product demands industrial user specified requirement. Since 1998s when SAMCO building, after more than ten years development, we are become domestic advanced motion control platform, and mastered many core technologies of motion control. SAMCO are committed to providing the motion control whole solutions for the equipment manufactory and end user, and SAMCO continuous innovation will creating maximum value for customers.

As “Let SAMCO produces give customers more free spaces” for company mission. At present, SAMCO product and solutions are applied more than 50 countries, covered one fifth area of worldwide. In future, we will commit to becoming leading global brand of motion control, using motion control technology, enhancement world global equipment manufacturing industry level, to contribute for upgrade industrial of green, energy conservation and environmental protection.


  • 1. Successfully launched Step driver series produce based on DSP (digital signal processing) technology;
  • 2. Cooperate with Hyundai, launched SAMCO-Hyundai 6 axes service industrial robot; product promoted Asian, America, Europe more than 50 countries & area, deployed global network marketing system;
  • 3. Successfully hold a “CNC China Line” series seminar, built customer communication platform, near customer, and help customer extend;
  • 4. At Jan, 2012, obtained Guangdong Hi-tech product Certificate (Multi-functions industrial robot);
  • 5. Be rated by Industrial control authoritative media as “China Top Ten Brands of Servo & Motion Control area”;
  • 6. Established Patent Standard Department, independent research and development of the intellectual property rights protection system.


  • 1. Successfully developed 12 axes motion controller;
  • 2. At Nov, 2010, two projects load to the Ninth (2012) Shenzhen Enterprise New Record;
  • 3. Research and development system passed CMMI three-class verification;
  • 4. SAMCO 4 axes sacra multi-joint robot level is formally promoted in the market, leading the industrial field application trend;
  • 5. Successfully organized the First Shenzhen Industrial Robot Technology and Application BBS;
  • 6. Jointed Nanjing University of Technology are established “Motion Control Research Center”, Build motion control new technology platform output.


  • 1. Successfully developed digital signal processing based on DSP and technology of SVPWM for servo driver;
  • 2. Desktop Industrial robot project won Shenzhen Nanshan Technology Division awards;
  • 3. First style motion controller of split type and stand-alone type developed successfully;
  • 4. Successfully developed SCARA 4 axis level multi- joints robot;
  • 5. Product promoted more than 22 countries & areas, gradually establish a global marketing network;
  • 6. Applied more than 11 copyright registrations and software product registrations.


  • 1. SAMCO Tufting control system & Spring making control system establish industrial leadership, and lead industrial application standards;
  • 2. Fist set of desktop 6 axis vertical joints robot developed successfully;
  • 3. ARM9 processor technology is developed successfully;
  • 4. Successfully passed the first national high & new technology enterprise qualification, establish national high-tech enterprises status.


  • 1. Aimed at the field of metal processing, succeed in research and development of Flame Cutting Machine System;
  • 2. Development motion control product with ARM processor &FPGA huge programming technology with a great success;
  •      Applied for copyright registrations, patents and software products registrations 12 items in total;


  • 1. SAMCO made a breakthrough in the key technology of motion control, and expended new industries, such as Turn-milling, Dispensing, Flame plating, and Welding etc.
  • 2. Dispensing system, CNC milling system and Laser making system etc. entered into industries market;
  • 3. The market share of Hair-planting machine system and Spring machine system are 55% and 30%;
  • 4. Laser making software obtained the COMPUTER SOFTWARE COPYRIGHT.


  • 1. In the R&D autonomous of motion control platform and based on industry application, Research and development of Hair-planting machine system,Spring machine system, Quilting machine system successfully;
  • 2. Succeed in research and development of the Servo driver with single chip &specialized drive chip technology.


  • 1. All series motion controller products with specialized Motion control chip, have acceleration and deceleration, arc interpolation control functions were researched and developed successfully;
  • 2. Succeed in research and development of the Step driver based on CPLD complex Programmable logic device technology;
  • 3. Passed the HI-TECH Enterprise Certification of SHENZHEN;
  • 4. Passed the CE certification.


  • 1. Research and development of the first Motion Controller MC010 with independent CPLD complex programmable logic device motion control chip with a great success, and obtained utility model patent, domestic initiative;
  • 2. Research and development of the first batch Step Drivers with special driver chips successfully;
  • 3. Pass the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification;
  • 4. Motion control software of the company obtained the SOFEWARE PRODUCT REGISTER CERTIFICATE, and obtained the SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE CERTIFICATE in the same year.


  • 1. SAMCO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded;
  • 2. Research and development the first Controller by single chip control technology, with3-axis motion control and Online Programming function;
  • 3. The controllers were used successfully in Quilting machine, Sealing and cutting machine, Packer, Cutting machine industries, it marked the company begin to enter the field of motion controller industry applications.